Tesla Split in Half During Brutal 100MPH Crash

28 year-old idiot stole this Tesla from a service center in Hollywood, CA around midnight on July 4th and quickly got into a high-speed police chase. The driver lost control at over 100 MPH and slammed into several vehicles. The Tesla tore in half (the first time this has happened), and the front-end caught fire while the back-end got wedged between 2 buildings. The driver was thrown out of the vehicle and is currently in critical condition. 6 other people were injured in the crash, two critically.

This marks the first time a Tesla has split in half.  Remarkably, no occupants have ever been killed in a Tesla accident thus far, despite the fact there have been at least two 100MPH+ crashes plus a brutal head-on crash that killed occupants in the other vehicle.  

Firefighters had to cut the roof off of this Honda Civic to rescue the occupants.  

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