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Highlights by tag "ferrari testarossa"

Blast From the Past: Brand New Ferrari Testarossa Wrecked

10 yrs ago

Ford Focus Crossed The Center Divider And Collided Into This Ferrari Head on

12 yrs ago

Ferrari Testarossa Wrecked in Bogota, Colombia

13 yrs ago

19 Year Old Driver And 18 Year Old Passenger Escaped This Crash With Their Lives...

13 yrs ago

Lost Control in The Rain And Slammed Hard Into a Tree at 55 Mph...

14 yrs ago

Highschool Baseball Coach Loaned His Two Ferraris to a Couple of His Baseball...

15 yrs ago

Slipped Off The Road, Hit a Tree Which Broke in Half And Ended up Backwards on...

16 yrs ago

1995 Ferrari Testarossa

17 yrs ago

1988 Ferrari Testarossa Wrecked in Alberta, Canada

18 yrs ago

A California Highway Patrol Officer And His Passenger Were Both Killed When This...

18 yrs ago

1995 Ferrari Testarossa Wrecked in Silkeborg, Denmark

21 yrs ago

Ferrari Testarossa Wrecked in Rome, Italy

21 yrs ago

This 1992 Ferrari Testarossa Was Destroyed After Its Front Left Brake Disc Broke...

21 yrs ago

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