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April 17, 2005

Acura NSX

Having just completed a successful 170mph run down a local 3 mile stretch of road I turned onto a much smaller country lane. I turned the traction control off for some stupid reason and was driving along at around 50mph. While accelerating out of a corner the rear of the car stepped out on me and before I could take control I spun 360 degrees in the road, into the grass verge and bounced off a hedge back onto the road. I discovered the road had wet mud on it, presumably left by a farming vehicle, this had made me lose grip. The car was drivable so I drove it home to inspect the damage. The 8 mile drive home had melted part of the rear valance as the exhaust pipe has been bent with the impact. The back lights all needed replacing, the tailbar light had a crack right through the middle of it. A large dent in the rear left quarter couldn't be pulled out. Aluminium can't be manipulated as easily as steel. New spot lights were needed at the front, new exhaust system, new rear bumper, front bumper, nose cone, front wheel arches had light cracks with the impact and needed welding. Total cost of the repair including 80hrs labor was just over


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