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April 15, 2007

Maserati 4200 GT Spyder
Reston, VA

Del Alfred left home at the Mercer Building across from the Sheraton Suites in Reston, VA located on Sunset Hills Rd. Weather conditions: damp, roads: wet. At the corner of Sunset Hills Rd and Reston Parkway, Del made a right onto Reston Parkway. After making the right, Del applied the gas to head up the incline on Reston Parkway before the highway marker for Toll Rd 267 - VA. The car gave a sharp skid to the left, then to the right because of the rear wheel drive. The car spiraled out of control and crossed the median, which was all concrete approximately 8 - 12 inches tall and three times as wide.. the car spun into incoming traffic during rush hour.. as it was about 8:30am in the morning - Dec 1 2006. The side drive side airbag deployed, but the music kept playing. All the wheels were grinded to almost half the rim side and of course the tires were obliterated, the was fluid dripping from the car everywhere and the frame was twisted by looking at the bumper and the lines of the car. The car was completely immobilized and the undercarriage completely ripped apart. The car was towed to Ferrari of Washington, then transported to Karosserie in PA, the damage assessment was $30,000. Del Alfred in turn sold the car as is to a salvage dealer and walked away.


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