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April 24, 2003

BMW M-Series M3 E36
Beirut, Lebanon

Driver comments: "Well as I was racing with a car on a 2 way road, i decided to over take the car in front of me but as i was passing him, he broke to the left and i had no choice but to go into oncoming traffic. I went all the way left thinking that i can avoid the cars coming down and go back to the other side but there was a car coming down and went to the side i was on and we collided head to head, i was going 100 km/h and he was going down a sloped road at about 60 km/h. My car bounced back to the sidewalk and his car stayed in place. Luckily i had my seat belt on and i hit my face in the airbag, and had to get out the passenger window. I suffered a broken colar bone and my knee was busted up pretty badly.


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