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May 07, 2012

BMW X-Series X6

A BMW caused at least $150,000 worth of damage when its driver ploughed through the barriers at a Mercedes Benz showroom into five luxury cars. The white BMW X6, which was written off along with one of the Mercedes, is believed to have flipped over on to its roof before skidding on to the forecourt of the showroom in Bolton. It hit the first in a row of brand-new cars, thought to be worth about $60,000 each, knocking it on to its side and triggering a costly domino effect. Police are now hunting for the driver, who is said to have scrambled out of the wreckage before fleeing the scene. A passenger, 39, was cut out of the vehicle and arrested. He was taken to hospital but discharged later and has been released pending further inquiries.A stash of cash and drugs were found in the BMW.


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