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March 18, 2012

Mercedes SLS
Westchester, NY

1998 M3, operated by a 22 year old active duty Navy service member on the first day of his leave period was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed on wet road conditions approaching a turn at the end of a long straight away. While going around a turn, the back end went out on the M3, the driver tried to maintain control and returned to his lane. the AMG apparently was under the impression that the M3 had fully lost control and in order to avoid the accident swerved into the oncoming lane, rather than his shoulder. the driver of the M3 at this point coming head on from about 50 yds away spun the vehicle 180 degrees in order to avoid the head on collision, saving both of their lives. no air bags deployed on either vehicle. M3 landed about 75 yds from point of impact in the woods luckily not striking a single tree. the driver of the M3 was knocked out, suffered a severely broken arm and a serious back injury and miraculously removed himself from the vehicle. the driver of the AMG, a doctor, refused to go to the hospital due to lack of injuries. the AMG apparently had 80 miles on her, 50 from the "tuner" and 30 from the owner. both drivers are lucky to be alive


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