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September 10, 2009

Lotus Esprit

Owner comments: "For five and a half years I have really enjoyed owning this car, but yesterday at around 3pm, on the A27 going around Chichester, whilst overtaking a car, the fuel caught alight, instantly setting the car ablaze. Within three or four seconds of me realising what was going on, the engine died, and as I pulled off the road the brakes failed as well. I grabbed my phone and as I was opening the car door, I could feel the back of my head getting hot ? it really was that quick. The guy that I was overtaking stopped to see if I was okay etc. He told me that as I passed him there was a hint of smoke out the back, and he thought the mixture was a bit too rich. However, a couple of seconds later he saw loads of flames leaping out the back, and as he watched me coast to a stop he did not think I was going to get out!!! Filling the car with fuel about 20 miles earlier was not helpful, and the Fire brigade, who arrived within minutes of me calling them, could not put the fire out. I stood and watched my car for over 30 minutes disappear to nothing. At least I managed to cause absolute chaos on the roads for over an hour! Anyway, I got out, and all I have to do is sort out the insurance side of things, including removing what is left of my car.


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