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July 30, 2009

Nissan Z-Series 370Z

From the driver: "I had recently purchased a yellow 370Z back in February, 2009 and on the way home one night something fell from an overpass of the highway I take home every night. Whatever it was it hit and bounced up the hood scratching and denting it pretty bad. I took the car to my insurance drop-off point for a review to see how much the total cost would be. I received a check for about $700 to pay for the repairs. I had a place in mind to take the car to and I went past it the same day I got the check. The person I spoke with said he had the materials to repair the car right away but instead of dropping the car that day (it was a Thursday) I decided to keep the car thru the weekend and drop the car off the following Monday morning. How I wished I had dropped it off instead. That Monday, 9 March, I was on my way to drop the car off and get myself a rental for about 3 days while the car was being repaired. The road that the body shop is on is a 4 lane road, 2 going either way. I was in the left lane but I knew the shop was on the right side so I moved over into the right lane. I noticed the right lane was going to merge back over into the left lane but I assumed I had some time to move over and the road would be a "smooth" merge....I could just drift over. Well, the road has no lights, it was about 6:50 AM and still pitch black. The right lane actually turned into a right turn only and I had no time to react. I hit what my aunt called a "bur"....basically landscaping for the road I would have turned right on. I ended up hitting the side of the car on my left and removing his side mirror. After that I was basically just going for the ride. What I found out from witnesses and the police is that my car lifted off the ground and while flying thru the air I ended up T-boning an oncoming car on their drivers side. After what felt like just a few seconds and a total of 4 crushing hits my car stopped. The airbags deployed, drivers and side, but I knew I was ok. I got out of my car and looked around and saw what I hoped wasn't true.....I had hit another car. I ran to the car and my body was filled with adrenalyne and I didn't realize at the time I had a broken left foot. Thankfully the driver was alive. End result - he ended up with a broken pelvis in two places and cuts to his head. The first driver I hit only suffered some minor swelling and under the muscle tightening. In fact, the driver of the first car I hit ran to the other car and we tried to get his door opened....to no avail, unfortunately. So, now here I sit with no 370Z....yes, it was totalled....and with a vise with a metal bar in my left foot extending from my big toe to just below my ankle. If ever anyone thinks these cars aren't well designed to handle impact or an accident, just send them my way.....I'll tell them my story."


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