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September 16, 2005

Porsche 911 996 GT3
Portland, OR

This is a 2005 GT3, one of 58 shipped to the states in 2005. I was driving my 2003 20th Anniversary VW when I saw the GT3 up ahead. I switched lanes to hopefully get next to him. A truck decided to turn in front of him allowing me to get next to him. When I got window to window he dropped to 1st, and smashed the throttle and got way out control. Sweeping into my lane, I quickly swerved into oncoming traffic and then back into my lane as I watch the GT3 jump a curb completely sideway, take out two trees and finally finding a home against a friendly light post. The GT3 was totaled and had to be replaced. The worst part: it was a mechanic from the local Porsche dealership driving a customers car!


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