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December 30, 2022

Ford Mustang Mach-E
Kent, United States

Driving an EV to a gas station makes little sense, let alone crashing on a pole next to the exit. Yet this is exactly what happened to a Mustang Mach-E driver in Washington state, as proven by a photo that went viral on Reddit. A user on an internet thread suggests that the pictured Shell gas station is located in Kent Des Moines Rd & Pacific Highway in Washington, which can be verified through Google Maps. Given that EVs need chargers rather than gas pumps, the driver must have stopped either by a mistake, or in order to buy something from the shop. While trying to leave the gas station, the white Mach-E crashed on a pole, damaging the front bumper and the bonnet. The cause of the accident is most likely the black ice on the tarmac and the incline towards the exit making it quite slippery for any kind of vehicle. The light deformation and the fact that the airbag doesn’t appear to be deployed show that the crash occurred at low speed, which would be the case if the SUV slid on black ice. The repair bill though won’t come cheap, as the cost of bumpers in most modern vehicles is high due to the sensors. Many users are blaming the driver for taking the Mach-E out in such conditions, stating that SUV owners tend to be over-confident when it comes to bad weather. While there is nothing in common between the fully electric crossover and the ICE-powered muscle car – minus some styling features – it seems that the crash-magnet spirit is embedded in the Mustang nameplate. Still, we have to admit that the appearances of Mach-E in crash videos are not even comparable in numbers with the original Mustang, which remains the indisputable king in that respect.

Credit: BrexInandeh

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