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October 25, 2022

Ferrari 488
Cape Town, South Africa

Ferrari was being driven by a friend of the owner when he rear ended the Audi waiting at the lights. However it seems no injuries and the Ferraro owner didn't seem too concerned : - According to the owner the "It's a little fender bender accident which will probably cost me a few million to repair. From what I understood, my friend who drove my car said when he applied brakes, he probably accidentally clipped the accelerator – or [there was] brake failure – as the car shot forward at 30 kilometres per hour, and that's when it hit the Audi. "He was driving at just under 50 kilometres [per hour], but geared down while approaching the red robot. [I'm] only speculating that he hit both pedals; it can also be brake failure which the diagnostics will conclude."

Credit: houtie123

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