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August 17, 2022

BMW Test Car
Romerstein, Germany

August 15, 2022 German police are investigating a serious traffic accident involving an autonomous vehicle, officials say. One person died and nine were injured in the accident. It is not clear whether the autonomous vehicle, which was carrying five people, including the 43-year-old driver, was driven by a computer or a driver at the time of the accident. The electric test vehicle was traveling on the B28 near Römerstein, southeast of Stuttgart, when it crossed into the opposite lane for unknown reasons at a bend in the road and crashed into an oncoming car. This resulted in a collision between a second and a third car. The test car then crashed into another car and the driver of that vehicle lost his life. Due to the seriousness of the accident, an extensive rescue operation was launched, involving four rescue helicopters and ten ambulances. 80 firefighters and 15 emergency vehicles were also involved.


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