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April 17, 2022

BMW 3-8 Series 5-Series
Schrenstetten, Germany

14.04.2022 The accident happened shortly before 0.45 a.m. on the A8 towards Munich in the area of ​​the Schrenstetten car park. The 36-year-old is said to have driven there at high speed. At first he probably touched the central barrier and lost control of his BMW. The BMW then veered to the right and crashed into a crash barrier on the right-hand side of the road. The BMW was turned away from there and crashed into the trailer of a semitrailer. It was in the parking lot entrance area. The impact pushed the semitrailer slightly onto another semitrailer in front. The two truck drivers, who slept in their vehicles, were unharmed. The BMW spun further down the highway and came to a stop on a bank of earth.Emergency and rescue workers moved in and rescued the seriously injured driver from his BMW. SITE - http://www.feuerwehr.de/einsatz/berichte/einsatz.php?n=63970 SITE - https://www.tag24.de/nachrichten/unfall/unfall-a8/besoffener-bmw-fahrer-rast-ueber-autobahn-und-verliert-kontrolle-wagen-in-einzelteile-zerfetzt-2413846


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