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February 11, 2022

Mclaren 650S Spider
Taipei, Taiwan

February 5, 2022 A man who badly damaged his sportscar after hitting a traffic divider in Taipei City this afternoon said that he is not very familiar with the car’s handling and performance. The story was widely reported by Taiwan media outlets after the McLaren 650S Spider two-door supercar, worth around NT$16 million, was seen sitting in a crippled state in the southbound lanes of Fulin Bridge in Shilin District. Police responded to reports about the accident at around 3:00 pm and found that the car had sustained serious damage to its left underside and wheels. The rear left wheel was completely detached from the vehicle. SITE PAGE - https://taiwanenglishnews.com/supercar-owner-says-hes-not-used-to-cars-performance-and-handling-yet/


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