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November 22, 2021

Moscow, Russia

20, November 2021 The moment of the accident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, in which the famous autoblogger Said Gubdensky died, was captured on video. An accident occurred in Moscow, in which the famous autoblogger Said Gudbensky and the president of the Federation of Dagestan Motor and Motorcycle Sports Zaur Ibragimov died. The video recording of the incident is published by the Telegram Mash channel on November 20. The accident occurred around 3:00 pm local time, a BMW M4 Competition hit Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. The video, taken by the video surveillance cameras, shows a highway with a fairly intense flow of traffic. The asphalt was wet from the rain in the capital. Several cars advance as a black BMW overtakes them at high speed. The BMW, which was driven by the blogger, changes from lane to lane and sets off for cars with oncoming traffic, follows from the video. Gudbensky tried to brake, but failed, flying forward. The driver died before the doctors arrived and the passenger of the car, Zaur Ibragimov, was hospitalized in serious condition and then died in hospital. Note that, according to TASS, Gudbensky was previously deprived of his rights for traffic rule violations and also drove without numbers. https://remonews.com/ukraineeng/famous-autoblogger-who-crashed-in-moscow/


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