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May 13, 2021

Porsche Panamera
Bangkok, Thailand

A speeding sports car spun out of control before crashing into an electricity post when the driver allegedly fell asleep. Shocking CCTV footage shows the black Porsche Panamera swaying on the road before dragging down the concrete pole in Bangkok, Thailand, on March 25 morning. Driver Thitikhun Udomphol, 25, had to be rescued as he was stuck inside the luxury car that had flipped upside down after the crash. Paramedics pulled him out of the wrecked vehicle through the driver’s door and was given first aid for light scratches on his right arm. He was not taken to the hospital as the injuries were only minor and his car was towed to a mechanic’s garage after the police had recorded the crash site The driver, identified as the son of a wealthy property developer, allegedly fell asleep while travelling from a relative’s house in Nakhon Pathom province. Police Lieutenant Colonel Phimphisan Thamronglaohaphan said the driver was not drunk at the time of the incident but they will still test him for other substances. He said: ‘The driver claimed that he fell asleep during the drive. We found no traces of alcohol in his body but we will test him for other substances. Aside from the driver, no one else was hurt from the crash. However, the power lines he damaged caused power outage in nearby areas. A repair team from the electric company had been sent to check and fix the damage, which the driver was expected to pay for. The bill for the the broken transformer, wires, and electric post was around 100,000 Baht (3,200 USD).


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