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October 14, 2020

Porsche Panamera
Parish, Estonia

Porsche Panamera hit a tree and split in half. Front end with engine caught fire. Witness who lived nearby said that the crash was so hard that it shake his bed. Firefighter used hydraulic tools to free 2 male passengers, both were taken to hospital with critical injuries. Speed limit on the road is 70km/h but looking at the demage the car was probably driving much faster. This is allready second Panamera here in last weeks that splits in half after accident.

Credit: https://www.delfi.ee/news/paevauudised/krimi/fotod-oiselt-sundmuskohalt-paikusel-soideti-porsche-vastu-puud-pooleks-ja-polema-avariipolitseinik-avanenud-vaatepilt-oli-vaga-kole?id=91336605

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