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June 04, 2020

Porsche 911
Melbourne, Australia

On Thursday the Victorian police commissioner, Graham Ashton, said two officers intercepted a Porsche 911 that was reportedly travelling at 140km/h on the freeway. Dashcam footage published by the Herald Sun shows the car speeding down the highway minutes before it was pulled over by police. The two officers drug-tested the 41-year-old male driver. After he allegedly returned a positive result, the officers decided to impound the car, Ashton said. Shortly after two members from highway patrol were called to assist at the scene, a large refrigerated truck belonging to a poultry company drove into the four officers. Ashton said two senior constables, a woman and man, and two male constables were killed. One was relatively new to the force, he said. The driver of the Porsche, later identified as Pusey, is alleged to have posted photographs to social media of the scene before he fled on foot, Ashton said. He urged the public not to share the photographs.


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