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April 07, 2020

Porsche Carrera GT Gemballa Mirage GT
New York, NY

Benjamin Chen, the founder of the Gold Rush Rally, was apparently "wasted" (police words, not mine) when police pulled him over. The initial wreck was when he crashed into a Toyota Sienna minivan, and he pulled away and continued to drive (and crash) while intoxicated. Only 25 Gemballa Mirage GTs were ever produced, and this is the only example in North America, and the second example ever to be wrecked (the first being a hideous matte orange one). Prior to this incident, Benjamin Chen has wrecked and damaged a number of other exotic cars, and amazingly still has his driver's license. Luckily, no one else was involved due to everyone being in quarantine. Video of initial wreck posted below :)


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