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November 09, 2019

Porsche 356 Pre A
San Luis Obispo, CA

My college car ! After a few years of ownership , I needed tires . A fresh set of radial were installed ( by me - worked at a gas station ) .. My first ( and last ) test drive took me thru the hills around the central coast of California. I spun out on a curve and was launched over a cliff !! I flew out thru the sun roof while the car continued on its way . I remember seeing the TOP of a power pole and hit a tree on the way down . The branches broke my fall and I landed in a pile of leaves and shrubs . I had a sprained wrist and a twisted ankle . I remember paying 3k for the car , and was very lucky that that money was my only loss.. The car was towed back to town and eventually parted out ...

Credit: Andrew Goetz, AIA

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