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March 01, 2019

Lamborghini Huracan
London, United Kingdom

A purple Lamborghini Huracan was found in a ditch but the owner was nowhere to be found. The $250,000 supercar was photographed by cameraman Andrew Laurence, who was on his way to work when he spotted it early in the morning. "The car was facing the wrong way and was on the wrong side of the road in the ditch. It must have spun off the road during the night.” Laurence told SWNS. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said it got reports that a vehicle had left the road around 1.30 am Friday, but that no one was present when they arrived to investigate and that it was still working to establish who the owner is. Laurence noted that the location of the accident was just a couple of miles from the training ground for the Tottenham Hotspurs English Premier League soccer club, and that many of the players drive around the area in exotic cars.


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