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February 11, 2017

Audi R8
Liujiang, China

Chilling footage of a high-performance sports car driving at 320kph, before it reportedly crashed killing two people inside, has surfaced on social media. Video filmed inside the Audi A8 shows the car travelling along a motorway in China, weaving through a thick blanket of fog as it overtakes other cars and trucks at extremely high speed. It’s claimed the footage was taken by the car’s passenger, as it sped through China’s Liujiang District on January 28. Footage uploaded to social media does not show the crash, however it shows the car travelling beforehand and what’s claimed to be the aftermath. It’s claimed the driver and passenger were killed instantly in the crash. Photos claiming to be from the crash scene suggest two people were thrown from the car on impact. The photos also show the car’s windscreen completely smashed, roof caved in and crumpled body. The supercar is worth about $415,000.

Credit: Prizm via au.news.yahoo.com

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