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December 25, 2016

Mercedes Class-Series E-Class

This is the horrifying moment a car driving the wrong way along a motorway at 70mph crashed head-on into a motorcyclist and his passenger. The female passenger riding pillion survived being catapulted into the air in the terrible accident but another motorist was tragically killed. The silver Mercedes was travelling at around 70mph on the Ayer Rajah Expressway in Singapore when it suddenly careered out of control as it drove towards the pair on the motorcycle. It hits the motorbike head-on and the passenger does a front somersault in the air before slamming her head into the ground. Yet despite the impact, both the woman and the man riding the bike survived the horror crash. Sadly, a motorist in another vehicle hit head-on by the speeding Mercedes died in the mangled wreckage of his car.

Credit: Prizm via dailymail.co.uk

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