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November 27, 2016

Mclaren MSO HS

McLaren’s vehicles are special to begin with, but the ones with extra attention from the firm’s McLaren Special Operations (MSO) customization division are even more exceptional. It’s a shame to see one crash, especially a supercar as rare as the MSO HS, of which there are just 25 units. Deliveries for the ultimate evolution so far of the brand’s Super Series of models only began in late September, so the one in this wreck had only been on the road for at most a few weeks. We don’t have the exact details of this crash’s cause. Perhaps, the supercar driver rammed into the back of the delivery truck. However, the more likely scenario was that the person behind the wheel of the commercial vehicle didn’t see the low-slung MSO HS while reversing. Regardless of how the accident happened, the MSO HS’ nose was thoroughly wedged under the box truck’s tail lift.

Credit: Prizm via ca.motor1.com

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