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October 08, 2016

Ferrari Testarossa
United Kingdom

This one is located over in Windsor, Berkshire in the UK and has some crash damage. It’s packing a big surprise though that should make it a worthwhile project for any worshiper of the Prancing Horse. The front and rear are going to need some reconstructive surgery, but if you have a good eye, you’ve probably already noticed something peculiar about this Testarossa. Go back and look at the first photo of the hood. There are a couple of NACA ducts that look almost F40ish. Now, take a look at the back again. Notice anything strange about that badge on the trunk? That’s not the standard 390 horsepower flat-12 in there. Someone has swapped the engine and gearbox from a F512 M into this! If you’re not a Ferrari aficionado, that may not mean much so let me spell it out. The F512 M was the last hurrah for the Testarossa and only 500 were produced. To keep it competitive they made many tweaks including hood vents, flush headlights, and an upgraded engine that put out 440 horsepower! That’s enough to put this thing near F40 territory! Go ahead and compare. Zero to sixty is half a second off (4.7 vs 4.2) and the top speed is only one mile per hour lower (197 vs 196). Read more at http://barnfinds.com/1988-ferrari-testarossa-project/#kV9GwzhyW5VkoemX.99


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