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September 04, 2016

Noble M600
Neuberg, Germany

A Noble M600 met with a sticky end this week near Neuberg, Germany. According to the German media, the accident happened when the 20 year old driver of a Volkswagen Passat veered across the road into the path of the oncoming sports car. The Passat hit the 60 year old driver and 19 year old passenger of the Noble M600 made contact with the Passat. The photos reveal the extent of the damage. The entire left hand side of the British supercar was removed with the driver lucky to escape the wreckage alive. Whilst investigations remain outstanding, reports suggest it is likely that the Passat driver will be charged with causing what could quite easily have been a fatal accident. The accident caused the dispatch of two helicopters presumably due to reports of back injuries. The fire service were also present and had to remove the roof of the supercar to extract the occupants. It’s believed that the car involved was a fully carbon-fibre Noble M600.

Credit: Prizm via gtspirit.com

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