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July 31, 2016

Lamborghini Aventador Mansory Competition
Hangzhou, China

The accident happened when a spectacular Mansory Competition Aventador prowled over the streets of the great city of Hangzhou, and the engine suddenly caught fire. The first photo was taken right after the car came to a stop, with the babe jumping out of the passenger door. She must feel hot. The Mansory Competition is a ‘body package’ for the Aventador, adding a lot of wings and spoilers and thus weight. The engine is normally not tuned, but you never know what the owner did with it in China. These supercar owners here really don’t mind bringing their extremely expensive vehicle to the most crappy shops to tune the engine or change the suspension. There is a lot of white smoke but no flames. There is a lot of leaked fluid under the car, indicating a leak in a radiator hose.

Credit: Prizm via carnewschina.com

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