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April 24, 2016

Bentley Continental GT
Shanghai, China

A migrant worker travelling home was devastated when he thought he had crashed into an expensive Bentley. The terrified man was seen kneeling down to the luxury car, reported to cost around £260,000, near a toll booth along the Shanghai - Chongqing expressway in China, the People's Daily Online reports. However, after traffic police checked the scene, they told the van driver he was not to blame for the accident. The two vehicles were queuing to go through the toll booth when they crashed into each other. Police arrived on the scene to find the driver of the mini van kneeling before the Bentley driver. According to reports, the mini van driver was so horrified by the crash and was scared that he would have to compensate the driver that he decided to kneel to offer his apologies. When police saw the man kneeling, they instantly told him to get up. They informed the mini van driver that he was not liable for the damage because the Bentley was at fault. Traffic police said that the driver of the Bentley had changed lanes very closely to the barrier. According to the Bentley driver, the car was purchased in 2013 and is worth 2.6 million yuan (£271,000). He said that the damage to the car would be a few thousand yuan. After a while it was agreed that the Bentley driver should be responsible for repairing the vehicle.


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