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April 20, 2016

Ferrari 599 GTB

A maroon Ferrari 599 GTB was properly totaled after it collided with the back of a flatbed truck. Judging by the state of the prancing horse, the incident would have occurred at a fairly high speed. An eye witness had the following to say; "I saw the crash actually happen. I'm 95% sure the car involved was a 599. I was heading out after a great morning at Katie's Car and Coffee. The Ferrari was heading towards Great Falls. There was one car I front of me but I heard the tires screeching, a car get hit and saw the Ferrari in my lane of traffic and then try to turn back into its lane. The flatbed was stopped in traffic. The Ferrari's passenger side hit the corner of the flat bed and exploded. I think the crash was related to an earlier crash involving an old Honda because there were EMTs on the scene by the time I parked and walked up" Another witness had the following to say; " I stopped and definitely didn't see any serious injuries. The driver or passenger of the 599 was sitting upright on the ground and EMTs were at the scene. Likely because of prior accident that may have actually been the distraction that caused this one. Hopefully his condition didn't change after I left." Let's hope they were right and no one sustained any serious / fatal injuries because the pictures tell a very different story.


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