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April 08, 2016

Maserati Ghibli

A gray Ghibli Maserati rammed into a jeepeney on Regalado Avenue, Fairview on the evening of Apr 2. The speeding luxury car went under the jeepney. The Maserati driver was reportedly drunk. No one was hurt from the incident. However, the story got interesting. A message from a Viber group of luxury car owners was sent to Top Gear Philippines. According to the message, people from the said group were suggesting ways to twist the events to make it appear like the jeepney driver was at fault. Why? For insurance purposes. The Maserati owners wanted to claim damages, but they won’t be able to do so if the driver was proven to be drunk when the accident happened. Here's the message posted on Top Gear. “The people there (chat group) are trying to suggest a way for the story to be twisted, such that the police would make it seem like it was the jeepney driver's fault, and that the Maserati driver was sober. And ultimately have the damage claimed from insurance, which I really think is very, very unethical. It's going to be a case of fraud, and the victim is not just the insurance company, but also the safety of everyone else on the road. I just want this to be some sort of a warning, for them to come clean. Because drunk driving is just a terrible, terrible thing that kills so many people. And unlike in the US, people always get away with it in the Philippines.” The source refused to name the people in the Viber group.


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