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April 04, 2016

Ferrari California
Surrey, United Kingdom

police say the driver of a south-bound Ferrari California hit an icy patch of road on 148 Street, near 30 Avenue, “and basically just lost control and went into a pole.” The vehicle suffered front-end damage but no injuries were reported, according to Surrey RCMP Cpl. Scotty Schumann. Speed was not considered to be a factor, he added. Bernie Rosenblatt, who was driving immediately behind the Ferrari when it “spun out,” said he and another driver helped the lone occupant out of the car following the crash. “He was a 40-ish man, shaken-up but apparently uninjured,” he said. “Multiple air bags went off. He was shaky, but able to stand up by himself.” Rosenblatt, proprietor of King George Nissan, said he believes the high-end, late-model car was “demolished” after “shearing off a hydro pole and bouncing off a couple of trees” in the accident. “It was pretty spectacular,” he said.

Credit: Prizm

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