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March 24, 2016

Chevrolet Corvette C3
Redmond, OR

What happens when an 18-wheeler semi truck crashes into a C3 Corvette stopped at Highway 97 and Veterans Way? It lays waste to an extent the old school Corvette become a piece of flat pack furniture form IKEA. Take into account the speed and weight of the semi, the fragility of an old sports car and the two young women aboard the veteran Chevrolet Corvette. It goes without saying that this is the recipe for a fatal crash, but it seems like Lady Luck smiled upon the two women in the Corvette. The 19-year-old driver and her younger sister suffered only minor injuries. The two were transported to St. Charles Redmond Hospital and St. Charles Medical Center in Bend for recovery, writes BendNewsToday. It seems like the word of the day starts with “m” and ends with an “iracle.” But the dramatic crash doesn’t stop here. After the trucker had slammed the brakes of his 18-wheeler, crushing the white-painted Corvette’s passenger side, the behemoth semi got to rear-end a Subaru SUV before coming to a full stop. Subsequently, the SUV “kissed” a Ford Ranger. Happily for everyone involved, only a passenger in the Subaru sustained minor injuries. On the other hand, the crash wreaked havoc for motorists at the Highway 97 and Veterans Way intersection. Traffic was detoured for about four hours because of this. According to the publication, “the truck driver... failed to notice the stopped traffic in front of him.” As such, the trucker was cited for careless driving.


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