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March 18, 2016

Porsche Cayman
Flushing, NY

According to the New York City Police Department, Kyung Song, 29, of Island Park, lost control of his 2014 Porsche just after 3:30 a.m. Friday while heading west on Sanford Avenue in Flushing. The victim, who police say was in her 20s, died at the scene in Flushing on Friday. The wasted driver — identified as Kyung Song — emerged from the crash with minor injuries, cops said. Song told investigators he had downed six beers and three shots before leaving a bar with his girlfriend who he only identified as “Alice,” prosecutors said. Song told detectives that after he saw the woman’s condition he said, “I knew Alice was about to die. I wanted to kill myself.” He then told detectives that he tried to strangle himself with the string from his hooded sweatshirt. Song said he was driving the woman home, but, bizarrely, he said he wasn’t sure where she lived, cops said. The Island Park, L.I., resident had a blood-alcohol content of 0.176, more than twice the legal limit, authorities said. The driver admitted that his frightened passenger told him to slow down as he took a bend on Sanford Ave., Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. Song told cops he was only going 33 mph, and his tires slipped, propelling the $64,000 Porsche into the bus. But the mangled remains of the high-end sports car told a different story. Prosecutors noted that there were no skid marks at the scene. The wreck happened near Murray St., just seven blocks from where the pair had been drinking. The posted speed limit is 25 mph on the tree-lined, two-lane street.

Credit: Prizm

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