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March 11, 2016

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera
Taipei, Taiwan

Mr Ding thought he would impress his 18 year old girlfriend and hence rented a Lamborghini for a week at $1,500 a day. However, his plans to impress failed so badly that he not only ended up shelling out $200,000 in damages for a crashed supercar but also found that he was without a girlfriend at the end of the day. After the crash at Zhondshan bridge in New Taipei City, Ding told the police that it was not him but his girlfriend who was at the wheel of the Lamborghini at the time of the crash. However, investigations revealed that Ding himself was driving and that too under the influence of alcohol while the Lamborghini has been damaged beyond repair. Ding’s girlfriend is a model and posted pictures on social media of herself in the yellow Lamborghini. But after she realized that her boyfriend is blaming her for the crash, she was left stunned. Angry with Ding for his careless and reckless actions, the girlfriend immediately took off all photos from social media and even denied to police that they were a couple. The girlfriend revealed that Ding introduced himself as a rich businessman with an international trade company in China. But it has now been revealed that he is actually working in a local tea shop in Taiwan. His father confirmed that his son had left home years ago and he was not aware of his actions.

Credit: Prizm

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