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November 30, 2015

Koenigsegg Agera R
Chongquin, China

A Kornigsegg crashed in China last week, here is the story behind the wreck. A witness reported that he heard the roar of a sports car followed by a loud bang, and went out to see the car had rotated 270 degrees and hit the sidewalk, with the rear-right wheel left lying in the road. It turns out that the 26 year old driver was driving while under the influence, and was stuck in the car for at least two hours before it got towed away. The police are still investigating whether the driver was actually the owner of the car or not, as rumours state that the car wasn’t displaying a registration plate – which probably means it wasn’t insured either. The car is currently being held in a garage in Chongqing, and will most likely return to Ängelholm, Sweden – the home of Koenigsegg – to be repaired.


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