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October 26, 2015

Lamborghini Aventador
Preston, United Kingdom

Reasons for the crash are unclear, however there was a large downpour in the area before the crash occurred. The central reservation barrier seems to have been involved in the collision, and the silver Aventador came to stop on the grass verge. The entire right hand side of the Lamborghini had been smashed up, along with part of the bonnet. The Lamborghini left a trail of debris behind it as it came to a stop, forcing police to close the motorway while it was cleared. The closure caused long tailbacks for families travelling for half term. Onlookers also created traffic in the opposite carriageway. An ambulance was seen in attendance to the scene, however it is unclear whether the driver was injured or not. Sadly, it looks like this Aventador could be a write off.

Credit: Thesupercarkids

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