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October 22, 2015

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

A 32 year old man in Taiwan borrowed his friend’s Lamborghini, promising to return it a few hours later, saying he was taking the car for a quiet cruise. Hu Xiao took the Lamborghini to meet two of his friends with similar supercars in Taichung. The trio started racing on one of the motorways in Taichung and it all ended disastrously for Xiao, who collided with another driver, writing off his friend’s orange Gallardo. There’s no word of the other cars racing, but witnesses say that they saw two orange Lamborghinis and a red Porsche racing along the motorway shortly before the accident. The police were called and quickly gave a statement to the press, commenting that Xiao was doing 80 mph when he hit another car, driven by a 43 year old woman. Thankfully, neither parties were injured. The owner of the Lamborghini, Song Mai, said that he only thought that Xiao wanted to take his car for a spin, and knowing how much of a petrol head he was, Mai agreed. Mai added that it would be the last time that Xiao would ever borrow anything again.

Credit: Thesupercarkids

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