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September 14, 2015

Dodge Challenger
Middleburg Heights, OH

Many of us have experienced some sort of road rage, however this particular incident resulted in Cleveland Browns cornerback Justin Gilbert’s Dodge Challenger ending up in a ditch in Brunswick, Ohio. According to the police, the road rage between Gilbert and a 55 year old man who was driving a Ford Mustang occurred when one car cut off the other on the I-71 in Middleburg Heights. Both exchanged lovely middle finger gestures but it further escalated when the cornerback threw a cup with tobacco juice out of window landing on the Ford Mustang’s windshield. The upset not to mention angry 55 year old chased Gilber’s Dodge Challenger in his Ford Mustang but the 23 year old cornerback lost control of his Challenger and went right in the ditch. Fortunately no one was hurt and the police gave Gilbert, aforementioned citation while the 55 year old driver of the Mustang was cited for disorderly conduct for chasing the Challenger.


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