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September 13, 2015

Ferrari LaFerrari
Beverly Hills, CA

Here are some clips of a Arab Giallo Tristrato Ferrari LaFerrari doing some insane stuff in a quite residential neighbourhood. Not only the driver scrapes his front splitter very badly on numerous occasions, he even performs a crazy burnout and an even more dangerous acceleration through an intersection which could have ended very badly. You can hear the right wing mirror clipping against the red car. There have been some clips of these two drivers doing the same on the rodeo drive later that day. The hooning took its toll on the LaFerrari and you can see smoke coming out of the engine bay once it pulls back into its driveway where a beautiful Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in Matte black has been parked. It seems the neighbours immediately called cops on these two drivers, rightfully which you can see at the end of the following video.


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