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September 12, 2015

Mclaren MP4-12c
Port Talbot, United Kingdom

This yob posed on top of a businessman’s McLaren 12C, and posted the photo online to show-off his feat. Apparently, the pic became so viral that it managed to catch the local authorities’ attention, who had him apprehended. Once he was apprehended, he was put to trial at a youth court where he explained his act that caused an eye-watering £11,000 worth of damages to the 12C. According to the prosecutor, the front bonnet suffered some serious scuff marks, which have been repaired since. Note that the amount may include legal fees too. The defense lawyer claimed that “This is a novel case – you don’t get many cars like that in Port Talbot. It was probably the most expensive car in Wales that day.” So?! Is this an excuse to stand on somebody’s pride and joy?

Credit: Mirror

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