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January 28, 2006

Nissan Z-Series 350Z

Chevy Suburbon lost control in a turn hitting a parked car and instead of hitting a brakes the drunk bastard hit the gas and came into my lane where i T-boned her. she used the front end of my car as a ramp. her trailer hitch tore the roof across my head. 9 hours in the truama room to find out that the cop tried to blame me for the crash (A tattooed 24 year old in a sports car at 1 in the morning...must have been drinking and driving too fast). but thanks to modern science and "real" police work the truth be told. and she had to buy me a new 2005 350z, this time i got the factory made convertable and not the "aftermarket" one that the suburbon driver turned my first Z into


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