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August 16, 2015

Porsche 911
London, United Kingdom

A video has emerged of a Porsche 911 driver being involved in an accident in East London. The area is notorious for boy racers, and the 911 driver is rumoured to have lost control before ploughing into the front of a terraced house. The impact left a hole in the wall of the three story house and a damaged front door. The occupants of the property were luckily upstairs when the incident happened. Within minutes, people were taking pictures and filming the incident, including this video, which catches the Porsche reversing quickly off the pavement and speeding away from the scene with an E92 BMW M3 following behind. The driver appears to have made a stupid error fleeing the scene, as emergency services were already on the scene and with several people already filming and taking pictures of the incident. The driver and passenger were soon tracked down by police and will likely be charged for several offences!


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