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August 11, 2015

Ferrari 458 Italia

It was all a bit of a joke when the Ferrari 488 was released, with comments being made about owners torching their 458 Italias to get an upgrade to it’s successor. Well this 20 year old male from Switzerland appears to have done exactly that. The boy is the son of a millionaire, who’s dad had given him a garage of 20 cars, including this 458 and a Lamborghini, along with a £20 million property portfolio and a $10,000 monthly pocket money. The boy had paid his friends $15,000 to steal his Ferrari, take it over the German border and torch it, so that he could get an upgrade. The boy actually admitted to this in front of the judge in court! The Italia, which can be picked up for £115,000 in used condition, is powered by a 4.5L V8 engine. This engine puts out a power output of 562BHP, a top speed of 202MPH and a 0-60MPH time of 3.0 seconds. We could understand if the boy had torched his bright yellow, Fiat Cinquecento, but this is just madness. The plot was foiled when a security camera picked up the boy’s friends ‘stealing’ the car, who admitted they had been paid to do the deed by the car’s owner. The millionaire’s son admitted to the little plan in court and the Judge gave him a 22 month suspended sentence and a $32,000 fine. That’s 3 months pocket money and left driving a burnt out wreck!


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