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August 08, 2015

Lamborghini Gallardo

This 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo literally is a hot ride after it mysteriously combusted while the owner was filling it up with petrol. Not many details are available, but this letter that was sent to Jalopnik pretty much sums it up: “My dad was driving his 2013 Lamboghini Gallardo on a road trip back from the Indy 500 from Indianapolis to Houston. 130 miles from home he stopped to get gas, and YES he did turn the car off. While fueling, his car engine literally exploded for to be investigated reasons. Here are the end results of this “hot” ride lol. No one was injured, thankfully, and also thankfully the entire gas station did not explode.” They then go on to say: “No he only took one photo due to the fact that his phone was burnt to a crisp in the explosion and someone snapped that photo and sent it to him. Insurance is holding an investigation, Lamborghini might pay for it because it was a terrible malfunction.” As said in the letter, they were lucky that the whole petrol station did not go up in flames!


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