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October 03, 2014

Lotus Esprit

While filming a segment for season 22 of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson bought a Porsche 928 while Richard Hammond bought what looks to be a first gen Mustang and James May bought a Lotus Esprit. Clarkson was accused of offending war veterans from the 1982 Falkland civil war purely because by coincidence his Porsche had the registration H928 FKL (928 referring to 1928 and FKL to Falkland). As it turns out the plate was not customised out of badness but just so happened to be the plate the Porsche was sold with. The entire Top Gear crew was attacked by furious war veterans who fired rocks at the crew and injured one person and smashed the windows of the presenter's car. Top Gear have since fled Argentina and a member of the crew said they were abandoning the cars because they did not want any more trouble and even said "you can set them on fire if you like but we are out of here"


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