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May 18, 2003

Plymouth Prowler
New smyrna beach, FL

Traveling Eastbound on 44 towards New Smyrna Beach at between 45 and 47 MPH. The Mazda MVP Minivan was traveling westbound and was in the left lane, stopped waiting to make a left hand turn into Kmart. I guess he didn't see me, as I was staring at him as he started his left turn in front of me. It was so sureal...it seemed to take 3 minutes for the next 1 or so seconds to happen. There was nowhere I could go, and nothing I could do (I guess thats why they call them accidents...duhhh). I immeadiately hit my brakes and the police estimate I was traveling between 42 and 45 when I made impact. Literally my skid marks were less than 4 feet long. The nose of my precious Prowler struck the Mini-Van at passenger door front seam. The impact was incredible. I had my eyes open through the whole thing and I watched the front of my car absorb all of the impact. Parts of Aluminum and glass and plastic were flying everywhere and I watched the front of the car get closer and closer to me. At this point the air bag deployed and the car came to a stop. T-BONED A SOLID OBJECT AT 45 MPH.


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