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June 04, 2005

Nissan Skyline

On Friday 3rd of May 2005, at around 9:30 pm my dad was on his way to the Pub to meet a friend. It was raining heavily on the A159 out of Scotter, and my dads friend was going a bit to fast for the conditions. He hit a deep puddle and lost it and skidded onto the verge, taking out 50yards of vegetation. Because his memory is a little hazy, he says he thinks he went end over end into a ditch and smashed the roof in. The car was a write off, and on the saturday morning me and my dad went to recover his belongings and tow the car back to our house for storage. When we arrived, vandals had raided the car of his work documents and business mobile phone, and burnt the car out. 4 new wheels and a new sports exhaust melted, a very nice sports car destroyed by stupid vandals.


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