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November 10, 2005

Plymouth Prowler
Tarzana, CA

This accident happened 8 days after my car got it's ghost flame custom paint job. It was on the evening of Christmas Day December 25, 2004. A car came around me from behind and sped past me, cutting me off so closely that he hit my front right bumper and sent my car into a spin on the wet roadway. It spun around once and was traveling sideways going only 10 mph but on the wrong side of the road. Then a car going over the speed limit sped up even more and hit me broadside at about 45 mph. He was apparently trying to make the light as it turned yellow. This was in the southbound lane of Reseda Blvd. just north of the on-ramp to the Ventura Freeway (US 101) in Tarzana, California (Los Angeles)


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