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June 03, 2009

Ferrari 360 Spider
Valencia, CA

Owner had the vehicle for only two months when this collision occurred on Thanksgiving day 2007 in Valencia, California. At the urging of the owner's girlfriend's uncle, the owner gave in and gave the, soon be unlucky (and later to be very lucky again), uncle a ride. After leaving the house and driving through some local canyon roads the owner and the passenger were discussing how nice the Ferrari 360 handled. Just after the comment, the vehicle (reportedly for unknown reasons) veered off the road at approx. 80mph, went through a cinder block wall and struck a tree. Both the driver and the passenger were transported to the hospital for their injuries. Driver suffered from a broken back and dis-located thumb. Passenger suffered from a break to his leg in several parts. Reason I stated the passenger was later to be very lucky. He sued the driver (his soon to be nephew in law) and the driver's insurance company and recieved a settlement of over 400k.


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